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Wovember Day 1: Why wool?

Since this is our second year participating in #wovember, I wanted to consider if our “why” has changed over the past year, and I think it has slightly. Right now, one big part of our “why” is because wool, which is biodegradable, sustainable, re-purpose-able, timeless and beautiful, is the antithesis of #fastfashion and that really, really matters to our environment right now. I’m not going to preach, but let me expand.

When Kim and I left our corporate jobs, we got rid of a lot of “stuff” and brought a lot more with us. Just this year, I’ve noticed I’m just STARTING to run out of clothing staples and genuinely need to buy the odd thing. We moved 7 years ago. I had more than seven years of clothing in my closet, not including what I gave away before I left, and the masses I have given away since. Every year I sort and give more. It’s still going to last the better part of a decade.

We need to think differently about how we dress ourselves and the impact of fast fashion on our environment. I’m not saying wear bell bottoms from the 70’s, but I am saying you can purchase (or make!!) classic garments in sustainable fabrics that are not as harmful to the environment, and wool can be a huge part of that. Yes, they might cost more up front, but do you need 7 years worth at once? It won’t cost more than that.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts? Finally a huge thank you to @ecadegan who has agreed to partner with us for this challenge by providing many of the photos. If you love sheep, follow @ecadegan , you will not regret it. Have a fantastic day everyone!


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  • Back in ‘the day’ I used to make most of my clothes. Favorite fabric was wool because it was soooo nice to work with. I liked the idea of not seeing dozens of the same style on a rack for $$$ (not so much fast fashion back then – 1970 – 1990). Still love wool, not doing much sewing now as I am happily retired – destashed my fabric to a young designer before I left Vancouver (except for my quilting stuff). Now in Montreal and am involved in spinning, weaving and learning to knit. I still have a few jackets from way back that are classic and I continue to wear. I’ve been knitting for a little under a year – the cat is very happy with my first sweater that grew to about twice the width it should have been (good for yard-work if I can get it away from the cat). I love your vlog and have been watching since you first started. It’s so nice that you take the time to put it together – a lot of work and a truly excellent job! Congratulations to both of you!!


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