Roamin Hat Kit

Roamin Hat Kit

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By Lynette Meek

This hat is full of memories. The combination of colour and name of the Purple Milarrochy Tweed “Gloamin’ brought back a wealth of memories of my Grandmother, originally from Lochgelly. She left the “Old Country” in 1916, at 16 to join her husband in Nanaimo, where he was working the coal face. She never lost her accent or forgot where she came from.

Memories of heather, meadows, thistles and Harry Lauder.

She would hum her favourite song as she baked or worked around her small apartment. The song was always “Roamin’ Through the Gloamin”!

Contains all the yarn to make this hat in ROWAN Felted Tweed. 

Contains a full ball of:


Lotus Leaf


and enough Clay and Barbara to complete the colourwork. 

The pattern is sold separately here as an individual pattern or here as part of the Kate Davies book Milarrochy Heids.