Sea Foam Sea Foam Sea Foam Sea Foam

Sea Foam

The froth of a tossed sea on a stormy day, best viewed from inside a cozy fisherman's knit sweater.

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This yarn is a 100% untreated wool in a 2 ply worsted, 3 ply aran, or 4 ply bulky weight with 20% alpaca blended in.

The wool content is a blend of 60% lamb's wool and 40% sheep's wool. Gently processed, and organically hand dyed in a range of classic colours with Island inspiration.

This yarn is the perfect balance of body, softness and versatility for almost any knitting project. Bouncy and comforting.
  • Knitting Needles: Aran: 5.5-6.5mm Worsted: 3.75-4mm
  • Weight: Aran: 100 grams Fingering: 90 grams Bulky: 85 grams
  • Crochet Hook: Aran: 5.5-6mm Worsted: 4.5-5.5mm
  • Length: Aran: 150 yards Fingering: 200 yards Bulky: 70 yards
  • Wraps Per Inch: Aran: 10 Fingering: 14