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  • Okay folks - sorry about taking so long to post anything in the forum for the Sunday Cardigan. This is just a delight. It is so squishy and squeezable it is hard to describe. I am using Garfield Grizzly in A Night without Stars and 2 strands of Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Turkish Plum. A bit decadent, I know, but I can't deny I'm loving it! I am trying it on as I go to ensure I am getting a generous fit. So far so good on that front.

    Kim's Sunday Cardigan

  • I picked up my yarn for a Sunday Cardigan this weekend . . . Signature Aran in Gale and Kidsilk Haze in Shadow.  I didn't swatch because I like to live dangerously, but I am alternating skeins, so that's something.


  • I am hoping to knit this as well. I just need to decide on colours. I used the Signature Aran to knit Carbeth in a colour called Coral Reef and I loved it. The dye was one that is no longer available (unless Jennifer has some left?), so I may see if this is a possibility or I may go with sea foam. For the Kidsilk, I was thinking of Trance or Peacock or a strand of each. Decisions, decisions...

  • @Stephanie Weisner This is such a beautiful combination. It was not something I would have normally thought of myself, but when you put it together in the store, I thought: Wowza! Just the perfect balance of colour with soft coziness! Kim

  • @Shari Elliott Ooohhh - 2 different strands of Kidsilk haze colours! That's exactly what we love about stranding, the possibilities are endless. If you haven't checked out the latest Episode of Fruity Knitting, the feature interview is about marles - combining different yarns to get different effects with colour and/or textures. This is what we are doing - without the "official" name! LOL

  • @Shari Elliott can you post a pic? I don't even remember this colour!

  • Here's my progress so far . . . this cardigan knits up fast!  Once I knit the yoke, I knit the sleeves down to the ribbing before moving onto the body in case I ran out of yarn.  That way, I could get a coordinating colour for the ribbing on the sleeves and body.  Also, I've tried on the sweater several times and I like the tall collar so I may not fold it down as the pattern says to do.  I didn't do a great job of actually reading the pattern . . . I'm only holding one strand of Kidsilk Haze instead of 2.  I like the fabric so far (and I'm right on gauge!) but I may knit another one holding 2 strands of mohair.


  • @Stephanie Weisner OOOhhh! It's so pretty!

  • @Stephanie Weisner I love the darker color combinations I have seen, but yours is so refreshing and spring-like.  Nice!

  • @Jennifer Doherty 

  • I couldn't figure out how to add text after inserting the photo. The dye was the Greener shades colour that can no longer be certified (if I remember correctly)? It is the one that comes off on your hands as you knit. I think you used to use it in your blue poppy formulation. It is brighter than the current (most similar) colour - again if I remember correctly. 

  • New around here.  I'm wanting to jump in with the sweater but it's been years since I've knit a sweater.  Socks, shawls, scarves, mitts - all good to go but sweaters intimidate me.  For those of you who have worked on this sweater should I jump right in?

    Looking for inspiration fellow fiber buddies.


  • Hello! I'm also knitting the Sunday Cardigan in A Night Without Stara but I'm holding with Kidsilk Haze in Hurricane.

    I'm still on the body but am already nervous about button holes. I've always knit buttonholes at the same time as the garment or button band, never added them after the fact.

    Anyway, I thought if you're looking for ideas on how-to videos, "afterthought" button holes might be a good one!

  • Hello. I’m planning on knitting the Sunday cardigan. It looks so comfy and warm!  I'm making the small size I have ordered 5 skeins of the Garfield grizzly but I'm confused about the yardage I will need of the kid silk haze.  I don't know how many skeins To buy from my LYS. Thanks so much!

  • Bought the pattern. I have the yarn from F&H and am itchin' to get stitchin'. 


    Judith aka as well. 

  • @Stephanie Weisner I'm with you. A G&T and I'm on my way. 

  • @Shari Elliott I'm thinking about Carbeth as a cardi. I love your jumper. 

  • @DOLL CREELMAN The Sunday Cardigan would be a great first sweater project!

  • @Judith Junop I beleive there is a pattern for the Carbeth in a cardi - no need to adapt, just follow the pattern!

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