• Is anyone knitting the Cornwallis? How's it going?

  • I am so happy with this sweater! Too bad Lois the mannequin is a little too petite. Will post a pic with me in the sweater later!

    Completed Corwallis

  • I loved your sweater so much it is now in my queue! Glad I didn't start it yet as your tutorial on the edging was very helpful.  I have never been a big fan of rolled edges, so I was delighted to see your alternative. Thank you so much. 

  • The fabric is so nice to wear. I did go down a needle size to get a bit denser fabric than the pattern called for. I made the next size up to compensate for the tighter gauge.

  • I was inspired!! I wasn't planning on knitting myself a sweater, but after I saw Kim's sweater, how could I not cast on?

    I also wanted a turned up hem. So, I started with a provisional cast on, knitted 12 rows of white and 4 rows of blue-gray, turned under the hem and knitted it to the fabric.

    I'm pretty excited about this project. I'm using Berroco Modern Cotton and I'm thinking it will work just fine.


  • You'll love it!

  • Making progress. I just hope I have enough blue yarn 🙄

     corwallis in progress

  • @Jennifer Fairfax Is that all of the blue you have left? 😮  Is that the second sleeve? If you think you are only going to be a stripe or 2 short for the blue, I did see some really nice examples on Ralvery where the knitter inserted a stripe of another colour on one sleeve or randomly inserted a stripe of the top colour in the sleeve lower down. It looked really cool, but the inspiration probably came from a yarn chicken situation. Check out those projects. 

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith I ended up finding and buying another skein of blue yarn. I was about 4 inches short on each sleeve. I almost started again to make a 3/4 sleeve.  

  • I finished the Cornwallis tonight. Finally. I put it on. My husband entered the room. He says, "Waldo! I found you. Where have you been?" 😧

  • @Jennifer Fairfax Kinda' funny but I call "boo" on that comment! it's all about the stripes for me! I LOVE them!

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