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  • Here is Kim's Paisley right before she ripped it out!


    Sidsel Hoivik Paisley Cardigan

  • Ahhhhh, yes my Paisley...  Feeling alright about it though. Ready to start fresh!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith  to pastures new!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith What new kit did you order with your extra yarn? I ordered a Mother Ases Jacket a few weeks ago but the designer was on vacation so it only got put in the mail a few days ago. I can't wait to start!

  •   Here  is  a  beautiful  trim  I saw  for  your Sidsell  knit!

  • I ordered the Grey Day in Setesdal but am not doing it in grey. It's going to be a Fuchsia day in Setesdal! Sidsel picked out the complementary colours when I let her know what main colour I wanted. I can hardly wait.

  • I also ordered Sun inSetesdal, but stuck with the yellow, it is gorgeous, but I swore I was not casting on another project until I complete one ... and then I cast on Barachois 🤣

  • @Joanne Bourgeois It's so gorgeous! Bring in the yarn so we can ogle it in person!!

  • @andrea brown wow this is perfect, and STUNNING!

  • @Jennifer Doherty will do, 😁 showed the kit to Tonya today and she was quite taken with the colours.

  • Finished my new swatch and still can't get gauge! Going to the next size up for the pattern as I don't want the fabric to be looser. I will show the swatch on the next podcast. Since I had to do it a second time, I figured I should try to really learn something. It is sooo interesting - well as interesting as swatching can be! Stay tuned.

  • SWATCH UPDATE: I am about to start another swatch. I have watched a couple of videos on different styles of colour work and how each of the styles handles yarn holding and floats. Will share the research in the podcast, but my new conclusion is the type of colour work may dictate a different knitting strategy. It seems Fair Isle projects, with all of the variations in background and pattern colour, lend themsleves to holding the yarn and treating the floats in one way. Norwegian style projects usually made with fewer colours and patterns with "stacked" motifs (I will explain in the podcast) may require a different technique to get an even result. Like all things in knitting - as many of us have discovered - is there is always something to learn!

  • I'm really looking forward to this on the next episode. I learned my colourwork technique from Anne Bourgeois of Philosopher's Wool..basically working with yarn in two hands, continental and throwing. I suspect that is Scottish origen rather than Norwegian as that's where she learned. Learning the difference from your experimenting will be great.

  • @Brenda Solanki That's how I normally do it as well. But I think it's not working in this case, with this pattern. The catching of the floats is also part of the story... twisting versus weaving. I weave. 

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Even more interesting. Yes, I also weave as I go rather than twisting. Could it be because the design is actually Scandanavian and the Scottish technique is not as effective??? Looking forward to your conclusions. I'm interested in her little girl's design, Morning Star?? A work of art like this for a child who might only wear it for a couple of years..nuts, right😂

  • @Brenda Solanki Yes - that's exactly the conclusion I have made - the techniques have been perfected to match the style of the designs, I think. Makes sense now! LOL

  • My kit arrived today . . . I'm just winding some yarn and about to start my swatch.  I'm so excited to get started.

  • @Stephanie Weisner How exciting! Which colour did you get?

  • My extra yarn for my Paisley arrived and my new aquisition as well.... Grey Day in Setesdal - but I decided to make it a Fuschia Day in Setesdal. Just take a look at this beautiful box!

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