Neon Rainbow Kit

  • I'd love to see what others are making with their Neon Rainbow Kits. I'm thinking of ordering some Seagull or Night Without Stars and making this:

    But I'd love to see some other ideas too.

  • My daughter used 2 kits and a solid to make Stephen What's painting bricks shawl. It was gorgeous.

  • @Melanie Gillette Oh - that's a good idea too. I've been wanting to do one of his shawls.

  • @Starr Cookson That would be a great project for the Neon sock kit!

  • Here is a photo of my Painting Bricks shawl my mom was referring to. It was a fun (but long!) knit and I absolutely love it!

  • @Carey Bermingham Oh wow - that is gorgeous!! So it was 2 neon sock kits? And what did you use for the solid and how much? Thanks so much for sharing.

  •  @Starr Cookson It used one full set, and then I had to dip into a second set for the last few repeats. Probably if you incorporate a 7th or 8th colour (I believe the original pattern used 8), then you wouldn't need a second neon set.
    I used 2 full skeins of Natural for the main. I omitted the last two rows of the edging to make sure I had enough to do the icord bindoff.  Lots of people used black or a charcoal, which I think would be gorgeous, too. 
    Stephen West has a video on weaving in ends as you go. Definitely worth doing as there would be TONS of ends to weave in otherwise.

  • @Carey Bermingham Good tip about the video - nothing like finishing a project and then still having so many ends to weave in!

  • @Carey Bermingham Super cool! That's a lot of knitting, but we do hate skimpy shawls around here. No worries with this one! LOL

  • Here's my Simee Dimeh shawl by Romi.   I need to block it.   I love this sock yarn.  I had just enough of the blue yarn to finish up the picot bind off.   YAY!


  • @Carey Bermingham  That is gorgeous.

  • Wow! That turned out great Sheila!

  • @Sheila Sakraida That is lovely!

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