Felted Tweed Projects

  • We just received the full line of Felted Tweed! Have a colour you love? We have it. All of them - every shade that is available!

    Let the fun begin....

  • Swatching for Huxley

    Ken wanted a nice simple sweater. I found the pattern for Huxley in Rowan Magazine 66. A perfectly plain men's sweater knit from Felted Tweed held with one strand of Kidsilk Haze. The colours are FT: Ancient-172 and KSH: Drab-611. This combo is stunning! #feltedtweed #kidsilkhaze

  • Back in November I purchased two sweater quantities of of Felted tweed and I couldn't be happier with this yarn. I'd been wanting to try this yarn for a while but I really wanted to land my limited yarn budget spending with independent dyers and small businesses. Fleece and Harmony hit the sweet spot and spending at a small business in my home and native land makes is an added bonus.

    I posted my first sweater above and share here my second - a Galbraith with just a couple minor mods to make it more suited to my stick thin arms and pin sized head. I'm super pleased with how it turned out.

  • @Jeanette Silverthorne It's gorgeous Jeanette! That is a great project and it's one of those patterns that actully looks better on and in person than it did in the pattern's official photos - in my opinion! 

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