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  • Hello Kim,

    Laura Perry here...

    I have 2 skeins of Fire in the Blue and 1 skein of spruce I think (blue green)

    I need suggestions for what to make.

    I am willing to purchase more Yarn  complete a project.



  • @Laura Perry Were you thinking garment (sweater) or accessories? Is the yarn Aran or Worsted? We can talk tomorrow!

  • Hi, this question is for both Kim and Jennifer! What would you recommend for someone's first Jennifer Beale knit? Thank you!

  • Kim, I love the poncho in the fashion show. Where can I find the pattern and what s the name?


  • Hi Kim!  Is there any possibility of ordering more books by Arne & Carlos?   "Make Your Own Ideabook with Arne & Carlos" seems really interesting.

    I think it would be great for so many projects & ideas, not just knitted ones. Thanks!

  • @Colette Bouvier Certainly! Carlos sent us the contact for the distributor for their books in North America. We will order some of their books from them. I meant to do it last week, but time got away from me!

  • @Colette Bouvier  Great!  😀


  • @Colette Bouvier An update - I finally was able to reach the Canadian distributor. They have all of the titles so I will be placing an order. I am not sure what their turn around is. Will keep you posted.

  • Thanks Kim, I appreciate it. :-)

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith hi Kim, I was going to ask Jennifer but can't seem to figure out how on her topic, so ...tag, you're it. Awhile ago you guys talked about stocking blankets from MacAuslands, not from your sheep but just their blankets.  Is that still going to happen?  Thanks, Diane

  • @Diane Pyke Yes! It is going to happen - pretty soon too... 😉

  • Hi Kim, I'm just wondering about your Candy Crush "addiction"? Have you totally beat it, not gone back to it etc.  How much time do you figure you've gained back.  I'm obsessed with Klondike and seem to have my ipad with me everywhere playing that game. I've decided enough is enough and want to get rid of it.  I would do one row of knitting and "oh I'm just going to check my game status" and before you know it 20 minutes have passed when I could have spent that 20 minutes on my project! ARGH!  Just wondering how you are making out without it. Cheers Diane

  • Hi Kim. My daughter (Carey) knit the Sunday cardigan and a friend of hers did the finishing bits for her, however forgot to sew down the neck band. I have sewing experience by the bushel but no experience doing more than basics with knitting. What type of stitch did you use to sew down the collar? I imagine it has to have some stretch...?

  • Do you guys eat lamb? No judgment. Just wondering.

  • @Diane Pyke Yes - I am still off Candy Crush and don't miss it. Although every now and then, I pick up my phone and forget I don't play anymore. It's amazing how much time it takes up - just as you say - you pick up the phone to just play for a minute and then 20 minutes or more are gone. Probably gained an hour or so a day!

  • @Melanie Gillette I just did whip stitch - nothing special. I didn't pull the stitches tight - more or less, just tacking the neckband down.

  • @Shelley Etzel We became farmers in the first place because we are animal lovers, but not vegetarians. We wanted to make sure that we were providing a product that was raised humanely and living a life that was as natural for the animal as possible. That's why we raise the sheep  on pasture, not much grain except what's needed to balance their diets, and we we don't send animals to far off markets. We use a local butcher that we trust to treat our animals humanely. This is also why we ended up in the wool business - out of respect for all that the sheep provide. It was important to us that nothing was wasted. Having said that, it was getting harder and harder to take our animals to market. So, we will not be raising lamb anymore for meat. We do eat lamb, but not that often - about the same as when we were still living in the city. We still aren't vegetarians, but we do try to shop locally and buy our protein from local farmers we know as much as possible.

  • Kim,

    Just saw some cute ribbon on


  • Oops, spelled wolly...

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