• Hi,

    I'm just starting to use mohair in projects, in fact I just started my first sweater with it and love it.  I had a question you always match the mohair with the main yarn color?  Or could you do, for example, the main color in cranberry and the mohair in silver?  Do you have any examples of how something like that would look?  


    Bryndis Curtin, Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA

  • @Bryndis Curtin Yes you can contrast colours, match them or use similar colours with the mohair lighter or darker. They give different effects and we are seeing new combinations all the time. Maybe we can talk about this in a podcast. Some of the effects give surprising results.

  • @Bryndis Curtin   I love adding mohair to another yarn.   It makes the project warm without a lot of weight.   I knit a Stephen West marled shawl and used mohair in it a lot.   I got a little crazy and the shawl is the size of a throw.   It is so soft and wonderful.   

    It was a good stash buster project. 

  • @Sheila Sakraida Beautiful!  Did you use the same color mohair throughout? 

  • @Bryndis Curtin   Nope.   I used a lot of different small amount of mohair yarn.   Along with a lot of small amounts of fingering weight yarns.   

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