Jennifer Beale patterns

  • Can I start a thread for Jennifer Beale patterns?

  • You just did! LOL Lot's to talk about for Jennifer Beale! 

  • I am swatching for L'Anse-Au-Loup.    I had a lot of a sport weight yarn from a Fair Isle pattern that I wasn't happy with it.   My Fair Isle section is spot on right now.   I need to block it and then knit a stockinette swatch

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith  I finished my swatch of the Fair Isle.   One end of the swatch is spot on gauge.   The other end of the swatch is tighter.   My average gauge is 25 per inch.   The gauge of the pattern is 23.   I like the drape and feel of this knitting.   I think that if I went up a needle size, I would not like the feel of the fabric.   Here's my concerns.   

    I could go up a pattern size to accommodate the gauge.   That's ok.   However I am short.   I am 5:1", maybe now that my bones are shrinking.  What occurred to me yesterday, is that I have short arms!   The larger size Fair Isle band will be very long, not elbow length.   My spun elbow to elbow is about 36 inches. This is only the second or third size at the most.   HELP! 

  • @Sheila Sakraida I haven't knit this pattern as you know, but I am confused a little about the fact that you got gauge on one end of your swatch and not the other end. And are we talking row gauge or stitch gauge? (Sometimes the row gauge is important in a JB pattern) I am guessing you tightened your gauge as you knit the swatch since you are talking about going up a needle size? Can you figure out why it tightened up? Is it the floats or is it the actual stitches and which part was your "comfortable" knitting part - meaning you were in the rythm of the knitting? What I am getting to here, is can you knit in the proper gauge since you did achieve it on part of the swatch. (Knowing that is advice I would normally not give - as you know.)

    As for adjusting the pattern for the arms, I don't feel equipped to make a suggestion without having knit or even seen the pattern. Once you have your decision made on the gauge, you could send a message to Jennifer B. about adjusting the sleeve length. 

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith I think that my gauge tightened up on the second half of the magic look.   I have a message out for Jennifer on her Ravelry group about the sizing issue.   I am thinking that I will be knitting the Fair Isle band in a size 3 and then increasing the front and back areas to my correct size.   The good news with this sweater is that it is top downish.   So, I will be trying it on as I go.   I will need to increase the stitches very evenly over the band.   

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith I forgot to say thanks for your input.   I am sure that my Fair Isle gauge is more accurate on the first portion of the swatch.   The second side just looks messy.   I'm waiting for Jennifer to answer.   She is one busy mama with Basil, designing and all of our other activities.   What yarn did Jennifer knit her sweater in?   I know that it was one of your yarns.   I am tempted.  

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Jennifer replied on Ravelry.   She said that I should knit the size 3 Fair Isle band.   She could easily help me increase the size for the chest and hips.   Now, I need some time to cast on the bands.   Did I mention that I have a crazy 5 month old puppy who thinks that knitting is so much fun to try to grab!

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