Rowan Presentation today

  • Thank you Kim and Jennifer for today's fantastic afternoon. I was on line and I so miss not being able to get home this year especially to the Island. I remember going to harness racing at the track many years ago.

    I have gone to the rowan site and purchased single patters for the Plume Poncho and the Fann Street hat. These are both knit is Alpaca Soft DK. Which one is that on the site or is there a subtitute?

    Thanks again for the wonderful afternoon.



  • I loved this presentation.   It was so much fun to listen to Arne and Carlos.   I ordered their books from Kim and Jennifer.   I wish that I could knit with the Felted Tweed.   I have a severe alpaca allergy.   I have some DK yarns that I have queued in my mind for a couple of the sweaters in the book.

  • @Sheila Sakraida I never noticed that there was Alpaca in the Felted Tweed. I have a number of knitting friends who are also allergic to Alpaca. It's not my first choice to knit with because it stretches so much, but I an thining of knitting with the alpaca I have in my stash with a strand of mohair and that might work for the Plume Poncho and the Fann Hat.

  • @Judith Logan Junop   I looked at the fiber content on Ravelry.   There is 30% alpaca in felted tweed.   It is a wonderful yarn with beautiful drape.   I just wheeze and break out in hives with a small amount of alpaca fiber

  •  Kim and Jen congratulations on a successful event. I’m sure it was a lot of work and I am sure you were probably very nervous about the technology but it came off without a hitch. I was looking forward to it so much so that I thought it was last Monday and I almost cried when I couldn’t login. Then I checked the calendar......DOH! I always enjoy Arnie and Carlos and I appreciate how generous they have been in their own podcast with their time and their inspiration.    I really enjoy color work and have used Norwegian patterns quite a bit. It is a lot of fun to see how they have translated those into more modern designs. I have always thought Rowan was the Cadillac of yarn companies and have always appreciated their aesthetic and their dedication to the very best. Trisha Malcolm‘s experience is invaluable to us all, and I am glad she is  continuing her career with them. Rowan works so hard to bring Handknitters great style and translate fashion in a way that the world at large does not associate with knitting.  Always gives me a kick when people are shocked that you made some thing and of course then they want to know if you will make them one. I usually dictate a high-end boutique price for it and that ends the conversation quickly. If one good thing comes out of this pandemic I hope it is that people realize they don’t need as much stuff and that creating things of quality take time but are worth the investment.  I hope you will be able to do something like this again even though I realize it is an incredible investment of time. Keep up the good work ladies and I’m going to get started on my knitted pants. If Jen can make a bikini I can make a pair of knitted pants !

  • @Judith Logan Junop Alpaca on its own does stretch quite a bit, but when blended with wool, the yarn has more elasticity - like a wool yarn. If you want a fabric that is not as drapey, look for a yarn with at least 50% wool.

  • @Kate Sander Thanks for your kind words Kate! Now that we know we can rely on the tech (the tech crew was so great!), we are totally pumped to do it again!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith I purchased some felted tweed from the shop for the cc and I have an alpaca mix yarn in my stash. I just couldn't resist the colours. Thank you for being my enabler and dealer!

  • I was notified that my books were shipped!   YAY!

  • @Judith Junop We are just getting waiting for the Aplaca Soft to come in. It will be a couple of weeks.

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