Alternating Skins working W&T short rows?

  • So I am working happily away on The Weekender, alternating skeins of my beautiful Skirkworsted Bramble and I come to a series of short rows W&T for the shoulder shaping.  WHAT?! The first W&T is three stitches before the end of the needle. I am stumped, can I alternate skeins and W&T or should I just knit these sections with one skein at a time and hope for the best?


    Thanks in Advance!


  • @Jennifer Hanley Unfortunately, I am not create at turning things around in my mind's eye. I need to do it. Having said that, you do need to adjust your alternating depending on what your pattern asks you to do. You probably have a good idea by now how closely matched your skeins are. If they seem very close, I may risk not alternating for a short section. If it creates colour pooling or an obvious demarcation in the fabric, you can always rip back. If you can tell the skeins really do need to be alternated, I would probably figure out a way to carry the yarn of the second ball over or break the yarn and rejoin. Let us know what your solution was. Kim

  • I remeber in one of Truly Myrtle's vlogs Libby mentioned that she doesnt bother with alternating skeins in the W&T/short row section.  She said it was crazy and youd have yo carry the yarn in weird ways and it was just better not to do it.  Hope that gives you some confidence.

  • I didn't bother to alternate in the short rows after and you cannot notice at all!  My sweater is all finished and pics are in the finished objects thread on Ravelry. Do we have a thread here in the F&H community to show our finished objects as well?  :). 


    Thanks for the support ladies!

  • @Jennifer Hanley You can just post them in the thread. I will go look on Rav, but it would be great to see the sweater here too!

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