• My book arrived yesterday!   Yay!   Thanks Kim and Jen for the speedy delivery! 

    I decided that I would knit Thore.   I am going to swatch with my precious skeins of Colourspun.   I will knit the front of the sweater with Colourspun and a combination of my KSH stash.    The back will be striped with the Colourspun until I've used it up and a Jo Sharp yarn of the same weight.   

  • I got gauge with the Colourspun yarn.    I am glad that the Colourspun was knit with the felted tweed in the sweater that I was knitting in another life.   I have the first two rows of 2x2 ribbing knit.   I found a couple knitters on Ravelry who had the color of Colourspun for sale.   I hope that it is still available.   This is a lofty soft yarn.   I haven't knit with a Rowan yarn that I didn't like. 

  • My Thore will be ripped back.   My daughter and I selected more subtle colors for this sweater.   Jenny forgot that I am blue-brown color blind.   I am having a really hard time distinguishing between the colors.   I will keep this pattern in mind for brighter colors this winter.

  • @Sheila Sakraida Oh no! But better to rip back than finish something that will never be worn!

    Someone once shared a quote with us:

    "If you don't like it now, you won't like it any more 10 inches from now!" So true!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith  Have you started the intarsia on Rein yet?   Is this intarsia knit the Arne and Carlos way with the intarsia yarn knit together with the background yarn?   This is the easiest way to knit intarsia.   I love intarsia knitting.   When changing colors, you twist the yarn by this saying old yarn over the new yarn.   So, the yarn in my right hand crosses over the yarn in the left hand before I knit with the yarn on the left.   This twists the yarn and avoids a hole.   Lucy Neatby has a great intarsia videos.   I think ithere is a craftsy class by Lucy.   You could watch just short snippets to get the idea.

  • @Sheila Sakraida Yes, I just started the pattern. I watched Sally Melville's class on intarsia a while back. So far, so good.

  • I ripped back my Thore yesterday.   I just could not see the colors.   I will be thinking about good colors for this sweater.   

  • @Sheila Sakraida Oh no! The KSH colours for the original yarn suggestion for that pattern are really contrasting to the Phantom Felted Tweed. I think for the effect to work you really need a lot of contrast even though the finished patterning is much more subtle. Knowing you, I am sure you have a lot of options in your stash! 😉

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