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  • This isn't a knitting question.  I bought a ticket to the event online and I have a copy of my ticket.  My question is, how do I actually join the event?  Will I be sent a link by email before the event?  Haven't done this kind of event before and can't find anywhere on the Eventbrite site to answer this question?  I would hate to miss it just because I can't figure out how to join.

  • @Bernice McGowan No worries Bernice. We will send you a link to the Private YouTube channel the day before the event. We suggest that you test it out when you recieve it. You will see a screen that says the event is not started, but at least you will know you can access the right place! LOL We will also be sending out the Gingerbread recipe to all of the ticket holders in the next week or so. See you there!

  • Thank you!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith  Is there a link for see the patterns in the latest Saltwater knit book?   I can't find it on Ravelry.   

  • @Sheila Sakraida I don't think it is on Ravelry yet. I have to speak with Christine today. I will ask her about it. Kim

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith  I have my ticket for the ZOOM event.   Is there a discount for the Saltwater books in association with the event?   I want the Saltwater gifts book even if there is so discount.   I just want an idea of when to order the book and some yarn that I asked about in the yarn thread.  We all need to watch our shipping costs.  🤩

  • @Sheila Sakraida Sheila - we gave a 10% discount in our shop to ticket holders. You should have received an email with the code. 

  • Thanks, Kim.  I was impatient.   I ordered the book and some yarn prior to the event.   I loved listening to their stories.   

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith I love The Saltwater Gifts book.   It is better than I anticipated.    I definitely will be knitting a tea cozy soon.   Well, I have a couple small Christmas toys to knit for the two youngest grandchildren.   

  • @Sheila Sakraida Yes all three books are exceptional. Kudos to Christine and Shirley gathering all the stories and interesting facts.

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Is anyone knitting projects from any of the Saltwater Knits book?   Christmas Day I cast on the tea cozy from the Saltwater Gifts book.   I am knitting it with leftover yarns from a sweater that I knit for my oldest grand daughter several years ago.   The colors are very bright.   Kim, do you know how big the pompoms are on the top of the cozy?   

  • @Sheila Sakraida They don't give the pompom size in the pattern. I guess they want you to make whatever size suits your fancy!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith thanks, Kim.  I didn't see a size either.  I had a no. Thinking day yesterday.  I didn't get much knit.  I didn't tell the forum , that I cracked ribs 3 weeks ago.  The dogs leash wrapped around my ankle and then he ran!   Yup.  Down like a ton of bricks.  The pain is getting better but I'm so done with 2020!   

  • @Sheila Sakraida Oh dear. Glad you are on the mend though. Cracked ribs are no joke...

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