Earhart - Thanks for the inspiration!

  • I've been watching Fleece & Harmony's podcast for awhile now and I just love it!  When I saw the episode with the Earhart shawl, I knew I wanted to knit it.  I don't have a lot of time to knit these days but I plugged away at it and just finished it yesterday!  I used Queensland United cotton/wool yarn which I got from my LYS.  I'm often watching the podcast on my computer while looking up the patterns you're profiling on my phone and adding them to my Ravelry favorites.  I really appreciate the entertainment and inspiration!


  • @Kari J Wow! That looks great. What is the weight of that yarn? The shawl looks less airy than our sample and makes it look more like warmer shawl - which is great for a fall and winter project. It never fails to amaze me, when a picture of that design pops up, how fresh, bright and cheerful it is. This is a bit of summertime popsicles in a more wintery weight, ...LOVE IT!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Thanks Kim!  It's 50 grams for a 251 yard skein.  I used a 4.0 mm needle size in order to get gauge.  I think the pattern called for 3.75 mm.  I'm a tight knitter generally so I usually have to go up a needle size.  But this yarn is still double the weight of your sample right?  

  • @Kari J Yes. The Rowan Fine Lace knit with the suggested needle gives lots of space between the stitches. I makes sense since this design is featured in the Spring/Summer magazine.

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith It's a good thing it took me so long to finish this then! 😁  I think the texture of this fabric feels similar to the terry cloth jump suits we wore in the 80's.  Same dusy colors too.

  • I needed a simple knitting project again.   I pulled out Earhart which I started and put aside so that the crazy puppy would not destroy the yarn.   I substituted Eldon Lace for the Rowan fine lace yar.   I am so happy that I did.   I am knitting with the color Pearl and 5 random KSH skeins from my stash.  Kim, the Eldon lace yarn is so wonderful to knit!   I am happily knitting on the second repeat.   This is a stunning pattern that is not that difficult to knit at all!

  • @Sheila Sakraida Great! So nice to hear that the Eldon Lace is a good substitute in the pattern. Can't wait to see your project with the alternative colours. I am sure you will post a picture...right?

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Here's an in progress shot.   I have knit the green area and am working towards the purple stripe.   

  • The lighter pink/mauve color is KSH Glamour.   It has little tiny sequins on yarn.   Two of the yarns are the same base as KSH but a different company.   I love the black with the silver threads through it. 

  • @Sheila Sakraida Ohhhh KSH Glamour sounds like it would have been fun!

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith I am so happy knitting with the Eldon Lace.  I am fan girl gushing!   I am on the fifth color repeat.  Soon I'll be changing to the black and silver again.  

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith  I pulled out my Earnhart after finishing the knitting on my daughter's Elizabeth Smith Alanis sweater.   I needed a garter stitch project.   I love to knit with your Eldon Lace!   

  • @Sheila Sakraida Kim can I add a third skein of Eldon Lace in Lichen green to my most recent order?    That would be three in total.  

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith thank you Kim for helping me adjust my order.    My Earhart shawl is becoming my COVID knitting.   I have COVID pneumonia.    I am recovering after 8 days in the hospital.     I can see dropped stitches which i will repair while blocking i the shawl.    its been a rocky road.    I love knitting with this KSH and your Eldon lace.    I am almost through the second round of colors.   

  • @Sheila Sakraida Oh no, Sheila. Sorry to hear this news, but happy to hear you are out of the hospital. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery. ❤️ 

  • A tale of woe.   I was knitting on my Earhart.   I was just starting a new ball of KSH and my crazy puppy, Curly, jumped up and snatched the ball of yarn!   UGH!   He would not give it back.    He tangled the ball of yarn into a massive mess.   My Earhart will be one KSH rpeat shorter than the pattern.   In a way that's a good thing because I am short.    This shawl is in time out for a little while.   

  • @Sheila Sakraida Bad puppy, Curly! LOL Well the shawl is generous so one repeat won't make that big of a difference luckily! I hope you are doing well.

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