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  • This is where you can ask "Jennifer" specific questions!

  • Not an ask but a "tell"  :)   You two are wonderful and you make my day every time your video airs.  Thank you for courage and for sharing your joy!  Merry Christmas!

  • @Sarah Thanks so much Sarah! Merry Christmas to you as well!

  • I want to knit the flip mitts, but I don't see any information about how much yarn they take.  Can I do it with one skein of Selkirk Worsted or would I need two?  Thanks!

  • @Carol Spence I see that Susan answered your question on the yarn amount.

  • to the fiber festival whenever it is back.

    On that note, as a possibility for a future broadcast would you consider discussing why yarn pills, how it pills, how to prevent it and how to tell if a yarn you are looking at is going to do that? also, how to remove the stupid little pills once they have appeared on your garment.  Thanks for all your hard work doing the broadcast!

  • @Sharon Beaty It's Kim answering. Great question! We will add that to next weeks episode.

  • Me again....we've decided on a colour, sort of.  Can you tell me which is darker...the Amethyst Brooch, or the Blueberry Preserves?  The photographs show them almost the same.  I think we'd prefer a darker, richer burgundy.

  • They are both deep shades. Amethyst Brooch is really a deep purple while Blueberry Preserves is more of a burgundy with a purply cast. Other burgundy shades are Vineyard (burgundy but with a brownish hue) and Rhubarb (more of a red, and not as dark).

    Hope that helps! 


  • @Kim Doherty-Smith awesome!  The choice is made....we are going with Blueberry Preserves!

  • Hey Jennifer,

    Any update on the bikini 👙👙👙?  Summer swimming time is coming. 




  • Hi Jen,

    When you knitted your Ranunculus with Eldon Lace, did you hold it with mohair or Kid Silk haze or just knit with Eldon Lace? Loving using Eldon Lace for Casapinka's Raspberry Cordial Shawlette and Ranunculus is on my list. Thanks so much for your perfect customer service and speedy delivery from PEI to Virginia! Thanks!!

  • @Diane Muska HI Diane  - It's Kim. Jen just used the Eldon Lace on its own. But if you wanted to add some fluff, you could hold KSH with it as well.

  • Thank you, Kim. Thought that was what I remembered. Always look forward to your informative and fun podcasts!


  • Hey Jennifer- any suggestions on how you added the new ball of Rowan brushed fleece while making the Darkness sweater? Spit splicing flattens the yarn and the knots are breaking.. thanks!

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