My first project with Fleece & Harmony yarn!

  • I've been following your podcast for about a year now.  I'm always skeptical about products and whether they're really as good as people say they are.  Well, your yarn did NOT disappoint!  It is so warm and soft and squishy and was just a dream to knit up.  This is the Cloudberry Scarf pattern and the Belfast Bulky was a match made in heaven for this pattern.

  • @Kari J That is beautiful.   

  • So beautiful, I want to try that yarn also but have to knit up what I have in my stash first!

  • @Kari J Oh my heart! That is gorgeous. Being a cable lover, I can't stop marvelling about how cables pop in our yarn. I know we make it, but it really does make great cabled projects! 

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