Solstice toque

  • My first 2 color project completed, Solstice Toque, yarn is Signature in Amethyst Brooch and Blue Poppy not too bad knitting with both hands!  Now am going to tackle Barachois!


  • @Tina Ramthun Ha ha love it! The hat is gorgeous. I chuckled at the now on to Barachois comment. That's definitely the right spirit! And you are right in thinking if you practised the colour work technique on the hat you can do it on any pattern now. It warms our hearts when knitters have that attitude. It's the right attitude to have! Can hardly wait to see your Barachois.


  • Thanks Kim, I just keep telling myself "it's only knitting" and I do love a good challenge...have had the Barachois kit forever and need to knit it up to make room for more!

  • @Tina Ramthun It is only knitting and Jennifer's patterns are really well written, so you just need to follow the oattern and trust that the shape you are knitting will turn into the sweater! LOL

  • @Tina Ramthun This is beautiful.   It looks so warm.

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