Another Arne&Carlos Project

  • I must have been in an optomistic mood when the podcast featured Rowan 68 because I almost immediately ordered the magazine and yarn for two garments: Manderston and Gailbraith.

    I knit Manderston by Arne and Carlos in Felted Tweed colors Night Sky and Rage for my daughter figuring some more hand knits might be nice for her to have as gets ready to move out and go to College this coming fall- perhaps in the Canadian maritimes. Alas, it wasn't ready for Christmas but she seems super pleased never the less. She even consented to letting me photograph her wearing it without my having to offer any extra incentive.


    Was happy to hear today that Jennifer is casting on Galbraith. I'll be looking forward to seeing her progress and hope to start mine before the end of the month as soon as I finish a couple of other things I set aside when I started this one.

    I'm especially eager to see / hear how the sleeve cuffs go.... they seem to flare out a bit on the modeled photos in the magazine which will be unflattering on my skinny, toneless arms so I'm thinking of mods to reduce that. 

  • @Jeanette Silverthorne This turned out beautifully. Jen is flying along on her Galbraith. She's LOVING it!


  • This is beautiful.   

  • Has anyone crochet any of the floral motifs from Arne and Carlos' blanket patterns?   I am not an experience crochet person.   I would like to know which one of the three motifs anyone thinks is the easiest to start with as a beginning crocheter?

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