Learning to Knit

  • There is no knitting store in my area. How can I best learn to knit?

  • Hi Nancy. There are so many great resources on the internet if you are completely in a knitting desert where you live. I would suggest the Tin Can Knits Simple series. There are basic "learn to knit" free patterns. They start right at the beginning and every step has a video and a pictorial instruction that you can access to learn. Start with Wheat - the scarf - the most basic. The series goes all the way to sweaters and socks. Ken used these patterns to start his knitting journey. He just finished his first sock!

    Here is the link: The Simple Collection

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith 

    Thank you so much.

  • I also want to learn knitting because I am free nowadays and getting bored. I am taking my physical therapy classes online from https://biofixtherapy.com/  to get my broken leg to heal fast and get back to work. so I want to invest this time in learning a new skill.

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