Rowan Felted tweed - dyelot or a contrast suggestion

  • Way back in November I purchased a couple sweater quantities of Felted Tweed and I have 3 skeins of the night sky color in dyelot 36859 left over.

    Any chance you have more of the dyelot in stock? I'd be keen to get 5 more skeins for another sweater.

    Failing that, can you recommend which of the the grey shades or other blues  in the Felted Tweed might work especially well with it for a yoked pattern sweater like Altheda, or Rainier ?

    I never trust color coordinating on a screen and I'm not brave enough to mix dyelot on the pattern I have in mind for a single color projects though am more open to it if I need extra on a project where the colors are separate like the Rainier.


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