Ohlone Sweater (my design) in Selkirk Worsted

  • Hi!  I thought I would post a project progress pic of my sweater.   I knit the prototype in brown using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, and am currently finalizing the pattern with a second knit in Selkirk Worsted (and recommending this yarn in the pattern).  The concept is to knit short rows for the V-neck, then join in the round.  All the increases are programmed into the vertical design using the Color Loops method of intarsia knitting that I invented, making it super easy.

    Anyone interested in test knitting?  Pattern will be tech edited soon.

    Ohlone Sweater image 1

    Ohlone Sweater image 2



  • @Amelia Archer Very cool and the method sounds interesting. When are you looking to have the test knitters start?

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