Ohlone Sweater (my design) in Selkirk Worsted

  • Hi!  I thought I would post a project progress pic of my sweater.   I knit the prototype in brown using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, and am currently finalizing the pattern with a second knit in Selkirk Worsted (and recommending this yarn in the pattern).  The concept is to knit short rows for the V-neck, then join in the round.  All the increases are programmed into the vertical design using the Color Loops method of intarsia knitting that I invented, making it super easy.

    Anyone interested in test knitting?  Pattern will be tech edited soon.

    Ohlone Sweater image 1

    Ohlone Sweater image 2



  • @Amelia Archer Very cool and the method sounds interesting. When are you looking to have the test knitters start?

  • I finally finished the pattern, and it's been tech edited, but not tested by other knitters.  


    If anyone is interested in how it works, it makes the star appearance in episodes 5-8 of my YouTube videos: Color Loops Knitting

    The Selkirk Worsted is so wonderful to work with, and the sweater is light and cozy!  Perfect for northern California fall and winter.

    Green sweater knit with Selkirk Worsted (Fir)

  • @Amelia Archer It's lovely Amelia. I love the long cuffs on the sleeves and the style of the neckline. Are you looking for test knitters?

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Test knitters....any knitters :).  In my experience so far, it's an adventurous knitter who takes on Color Loops.  If I can help anyone get started, I'd love to be contacted.  For smaller projects, I have lots of socks on Ravelry, along with several sweaters and cowls; and to just test the idea, one suggestion would be to try a cuff where you can play with Color Loops on a small circumference just to see what it's like.  The real fun for the Ohlone Sweater is that following a motif formula for the Color Loops while doing short rows allows a v-neck to develop without following a pattern!  Once the formula is established, the sweater almost knits itself and there are no ends to weave in.  My patterns are all 25 cents, so everyone is welcome to check them out :)

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