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  • Excited to be starting Evendoon for this KAL. I can hardly wait!

  • I just bought Ten Years in the Making. Using yarn from my stash to knit the Sssh hat. I've two projects on needles and a sweater up next in the queue. I need something small to achieve. My hope is to have time to do another of her smaller/simpler patterns for this KAL.


  • @Celeste Walker Sounds like a great plan Celeste!

  • Hello All

    I am sooo excited for this knit along! I am a KD fan, and have already knit two Rowchoish from her West Highland Way book. Really fun to knit - that's why I did it twice! I did one for me, in Rasperry Cordial Selkirk Worsted, and one for my sister in Berroco Mercado.

    I have been contemplating my next KD design to knit, and I think I need help deciding! I have three in mind (presented in no particular order), so comments are welcome:

    1. Sterntaucher from Ten Years in the Making - I was stunned (in a good way) when I saw the cover of TYITM, then I saw the two-colour variation and fell in love even more, if that's possible ( I started reading the instructions and got scared! Steeks - yikes! I think I need a bit of hand holding for this so when you announced the knit along, I thought - excellent! I priced the kit from KDD and it would cost around $360 CAD. A sizeable investment - see comment below about being sure that this is a project I can finish!
    2. Westering Home from KDD's Yokes ( - simply GORGEOUS. Drapie, elegant, luxurious - expensive! I would love to do this in Rasperry Cordial Selkik Worsted (it calls for 15 skeins of an Aran weight yarn)- because I love the look and feel of my Rowchoish, also made of the same yarn. But by my calculation it would cost me about $400 CAD so I would have to be sure that this is a pattern that I can indeed knit and - more importantly - finish. I am just completing Monaghan in MacAusland's yarn, custom dyed by F&H in Amethyst Brooch - so I am a fairly competant cable knitter, but I HATE piecing and sewing so it's been tough to get Monaghan finished. I am blocking the sweater pieces as I write this - and the knitting itself was completed about 4-6 months ago. I think the advantage with Westering Home is that it's a yoke design and sort of knitted as a single piece (like a large blanket with sleeves), so a minimum of sewing involved, only the underarms need to be grafted. That being said, I've not knitted a yoke design (within recent memory anyway - I've been knitting off and on for almost 50 years LOL) so that's a challenge - but I do love a challenge and, again, I am glad for this KAL if I get into trouble!
    3. West Highland Way has a "structured, sinous and simple tee" called Stronachlachar which appeals because of its very sweet and unassuming design, and also seems like a safer project: worked in the round to the underarms (not a lot of sewing except shoulders), with a very simple cable pattern (so not much hand holding required and more certaintly of completing the project by November) and less expensive to make - $132 CAD based on the KDD kit. 

    So those are my ponderings - thanks for reading and I welcome any suggestions and/or encouragements!

    Kim: I am wondering if you think KDD will be offering (or could be encouraged to offer ;) a discount for kits ordered for this KAL? And am I correct in remembering that (you mentioned in the podcast) that F&H is offering a 10% discount on yarns purchased for this project - within the next two weeks? My final question - I know you are limited in the number of skeins you can dye in a batch - can your kettle handle 15 skeins of Selkirk Worsted?

    Looking forward to this KAL! Thanks for organizing this Kim!

    With kindness

    Rachael - Rustico PE

  • @Rachael Crowder I'll answer the easiest question first: Yes we are offereing a 10% discount on Selkirk Worsted, Signature Aran and Point Prim Sock yarns when you purchase $125.00 or more.

    Kate knows about the KAL and has supported it by sending 2 give aways. I don't know if she ever offers discounts, but I would think she  would have mentioned it when she confirmed what she was sending...

    We have dyed up to  16 skeins of Selkirk in our dye vat, but that is really the absolute max. (We usually make batches of 12 - 13 skeins). You would definitely need to alternate skeins in your project, which you should be doing with any hand dyed yarn, since the more yarn there is in the vat, the more chance of having slight variations in the skeins.

    Now for the answer on the projects, all of those projects are fantastic. I am a lover of cables and "aran-type" sweaters. For me it would be down to the amount of knitting you want to do. As you know (since you watch the podcast), I never shy away from a long project. From the KAL aspect, it ends on November 30th, so if you want to finish on the deadline, what can you complete in that time frame. 

    Finally - embrace the sewing - LOL! I always think about the fact that the seams I am making are the support for my project that will keep it looking great for years to come!

  • Thanks Kim - I guess it's time for me to come by for a visit and make my order! See you soon!

  • Hi Kim & Jen,  

    I just received the 2 Kate Davies books ordered last week, thank you, and have decided to make "Port Charlotte" from her book, ISLAY for the Kate Davies KAL.  I already have the dk yarn to make it in my stash so will get started as soon as possible soon😊

    This will be my first KAL and wondering if the rules are written somewhere?  I don't want to violate any if so😆

    Thanks again, 

    Tina in Michigan 

  • @Tina Ramthun The rules are pretty simple... knit a Kate Davies pattern and post your finished project in one of the forums (our group on Ravelry or here) by November 30th. You can knit any of Kate's patterns in any yarn you want and if you have time to knit more than one project, you can enter as many projects as you can finish. Oh yeah - and HAVE FUN!

  • Ok, well the rules are pretty simple so let's get this party started🤣

  • Here is the start of my Evendoon. I am obsessed! I can't stop knitting it. 

    Evendoon Sweater

  • Love it! The colours are gorgeous -

    no wonder you can't stop!

  • I have decided to join the KD KAL and I am excited to be kniting Gr`eis. I ordered the original kit and I am anxiously awaiting for it to arrive so I can get started. I am not sure if I will finish by the deadline but I will enjoy trying to!

  • @Meagan Snyder Great! So happy you are joining us.

  • I'm not progressing very much, work gets in the way😏my stash yarn I'm using is Anzula Cricket, colors are a close match, I've been wanting to use it for a special project and glad I chose a Kate Davies pattern!

  • Started my Evendoon using F and H Point prim sock wool for 5 colours, with some Corriedale bought from Birkeland  Bros Wool

    really like the way Kate has made the neck shaping, am enjoying the knitting...

  • @ruth Hibberson That looks like it will be a great colour combination, Ruth!

  • @ruth Hibberson Progress

  • I am knitting Foxglove for the Yoke book. I recently got a knitting machine to do the body and sleeves. I enjoy the colourwork so much more than the stockinette so decided to indulge myself in a time savings. Yarn is Jamieson & SmithFoxglove by Kate Davies

  • @ruth Hibberson Isn't that cheery! It's going to be a knockout, Ruth.

  • Hello, just need some advice, I'm making Port Charlotte from Kate Davies book Inlay and my gauge is off...but I like the fabric...gauge is suppose to be 26 sts/in and I'm getting 22/in on sz 6us ndls using Anzula Squishy.  I think I'll be ok all the way up but am worried about the yoke, shoulder fit and neck opening.  Should I go down another needle size for the top???  Will that work?  I just don't want to rip back again!!!  Tyia, Tina

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