Everdoon Kal

  • I'm using Selkirk Worsted and it twists terribly coming out of the cake. Anyone have a solution for this?

  • @Donna salvian Hi Donna - me again. I have read your reply to my previous answer in another thread. 

    You mention a cake. If you are pulling from the center that will add more twist to the yarn. Switching to pulling the yarn from the outside may be enough to fix this. If you want to do a deep dive on this - here is a great blog post on the subject of centre pull balls and why this happens. It's really about the pulling from the centre of the cake as opposed to the outside.

    Why I will Never Knit from a Centre Pull Ball...

    I am actually knitting my Evendoon with the a same batch and dyelots of Selkirk Worsted that went in your order. Mine seem to be okay, so I am hoping it really is just as simple as changing to pulling from the outside. I hand wind my balls and they just roll around while I am knitting, so this releases the twist created naturally just through the act of knitting - regardless of how the balls/cakes are wound.

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