Rowan Sock Book restock?

  • Hi Kim,

    Will you be getting more copies?







  • Yes, I have them on order. As soon as I get a shipping confirmation, I will post in the newsletter. It shouldn't be more than two weeks before they arrive.


  • @Kim Doherty-Smith thank you so much!

  • useful information

  • Hi Kim,  I only just discovered your shop recently through Arne & Carlos channel.  I am currently binge watching and just finished #53.  I too make A&C Christmas balls, question:  do you use 2 handed colourwork method or the fair ilse method when making the balls.  I use their Rowan Norweigan yarn and have been using your 2 handed method from previous episodes but find it too tight.  What is your method?   Many thanks, and have a great time with A&C.    Nancy

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