TAAT sweater fronts

  • Hello!

    I remember Kim discussing how she knits flat sleeves TAAT and maybe even 2 sweater fronts of a cardigan in one of the YouTube videos. Does anyone know which episode? Also, any tips? This would be a bottom up and then eventually hit neck shaping. It's a drop shoulder so the armholes are super basic. 

    If you have to stop after you knit across one piece and didn't get to continue to the 2nd piece, how do you keep track? Both yarns would be in the middle between the two pieces and how do you figure how do you figure how which one to continue to keep them even?

  • I didn't see this post before, so I am assuming you got things figured out...

    I do knit TAAT for pieces of sweaters and certainling sleeves in when I am knitting flat. The trick I use to keep track of the two sides is to pin the two pieces together (in the middle where the two pieces meet) so they are more like one piece. And even if I do that, I do try to finsh the row for both peices.

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