Eco-Printing - December 4: 10am-3pm

Eco-Printing - December 4: 10am-3pm

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learn how to make beautiful patterns using natural materials. students will dye a silk scarf/tarot cloth and/or organic cotton napkins using a mixture of petals, leaves, bark, and other natural materials. great for last-minute gift giving!

in the second half of class, samson will lead students through photography basics, beginning with showing photos taken during the dyeing portion and edited over the lunch break. using tools as
simple as your smart phone, learn essential elements of storytelling to elevate your social media game. students will be able to apply photography techniques learned to taking photos for
creating their own holiday greeting cards.

Materials: silk scarves and/or sets of 4 organic cotton napkins, yarn for tieing, natural dyes (may be foraged or purchased from ethical suppliers), eco-print materials (may be foraged or purchased from ethical suppliers), non-latex gloves, ziploc bag
Students provide: clothes you are comfortable getting messy in (including footwear), an apron, lunch, smart phone and/or camera
Duration: 5 hours/1 day

***Tickets are non-refundable, but transferable if you are unable to attend. ****