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  • Just to let you know there is no 'Create a new topic' button on these parts of the forum.

    Can't ask you any burning questions.

  • Ha! I let Jennifer know - she is the technical expert on this.... I can hardly wait to see the question you are burning to ask! 🤔

  • Hi Kim and Jen. I am enjoying your podcasts very much. I have registered for the Arne and Carlos event and received my discount code. Thank you so much! I have heard a lot about Kidsilk Haze and would like to give it a try. What are some of your favorite patterns you have used this in? Thanks. ~Joyce

  • @Joyce Parsons Hi Joyce. Kidsilk Haze is great and comes in ALOT of colours. I am knitting Huxley (Rowan pattern) with Kidsilk Haze stranded with Felted Tweed. I also knit the Sunday Cardigan (Petite Knits) with Kidsilk Haze stranded with our Garfield Grizzly. A friend is knitting it stranded with Summerlite DK. I have used in in shawls (Birds of a Feather, Andrea Mowry). It's very versatile.

  • @Kim Doherty-Smith Thank you, Kim, for these suggestions. Do you think it would work for the Wispy Shawl by Joji Locatelli? If so, it looks like she also used a fingering weight. What would you recommend for that?

  • Just a crazy comment.   I started the Earnhart shawl just before my new puppy Curly came to live with us.   Do you think that I can find the yarn and shawl that I started?   It will surface again but I was so excited to be knitting it with you lace weight yarn!

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