About Gratitude....and Finding Your Circle

It has been a few weeks since we have written. It was tough to focus on anything really... with everything that has been happening in the world. Jen and I were feeling a bit overwhelmed, emotional and, at times, distraught.

One of my stress relievers (coping mechanisms) is to create a gratitude list. So I decided I would share it in this post.

In all of the noise and confusion of the last few weeks, what are we thankful for right now?

Besides the obvious - we are healthy.  We have each other - the four of us and our families. We have animals to hug and watch happily munching their grass. We have a beautiful, peaceful farm - a haven. But also we are very thankful for the group of knitters, crocheters, felters and makers that surround us.

Our circle has grown and many of them were gathered in our shop for our Fall colour launch. Others dropped by during the week to talk about knitting and some popped in just to say "hi". These moments, chatting with friends new and old, were truly a respite from the crazy, swirling outside world.

We are grateful for every moment.

So our wish for all of you this week is to find moments of peace and a circle of support surrounding you. If you don't have a circle, we welcome you to ours!


  • Dear Kim and Jen, I bought some of your yarn at Point Prim lighthouse in July. I’m from the US and, like you, I am stressed and saddened by recent events. And I’m embarrassed that we down here south of the border are causing a lot of this mess. But my time on PEI remains one of the things on my thankfulness list – a place where my memories can take me towards some peace and beauty. Hug your sheep for me and tell them they’re amazing.

  • Your spot is my little space of zen. I love how relaxed I feel at Fleece and Harmony. It is so nice to go out and visit all of you. Sometimes it is hard to focus on work, you all are so fun.

    Hugs and love to all of you!!

  • We are thankful for our crazy critters who make us laugh, for the wonderful fall root veggies we are eating right now, and the fact that I can use knitting or crochet, and a good audiobook, to escape from the news of the day. Here’s to the wonderful circle of fibre folk who make me smile!

    Claire Moxon-Waltz

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