Woolcome to our World

In a world that moves faster and faster, we’re the black sheep. And we like it that way. Because luxury can’t be rushed.

Our Story

Kim Knitting

Hi, I am Kim and I want to thank ewe for dropping by Fleece & Harmony.

Fleece & Harmony Woollen Mill is the culmination of a passion project that took me from the big city to the pastoral fields and shores of Prince Edward Island. In Prince Edward Island, life moves at a slower pace. It’s not magic, it’s just that we take our time.

In 2020 we partnered with Rowan yarns to become a flagship store (the first in Atlantic Canada), and we are very proud to carry these amazing yarns alongside our own.

Our Passion

To raise animals the natural way, on the pasture.
To hand-craft every detail, in every small batch of wool.
To ensure our fibres come from a good place. Like our backyard.
To support our local producers and encourage the expansion of our local fibreshed through local purchasing, and initiatives like the PEI Fibre Trail

    Slow-spun living

    About Our Yarns

    Our yarn is made from natural, untreated wool and alpaca fibre sourced primarily on Prince Edward Island, from happy animals. Our gentle process preserves the natural variation and luster of the fibre. Our pasture raising practices mean the animal’s true qualities shine through yarns made with our own fleeces (occasionally this may include bits of hay or anything else they may have gotten in to).

    Our mill produces a semi-worsted yarn where the fibres are orderly, but not TOO orderly, just how we like things around here.

    Our yarns are hand dyed using only Greener ShadesTM dye which is a non-hazardous, non-chrome, low impact, heavy metal-free acid dye. They provide superior light and wash fastness without relying on metal compounds to achieve bright and beautiful colors. They also conform to the Organic Trade Association's standards for Organic Fiber Processing and are GOTS certified!

    To learn more about our fibre producers and other members of the Fleece & Harmony family visit Our Fibre Partners.