Fall’ing into a New Coastal Collection

As you know, we draw our inspiration from our idyllic island surroundings. And, what a better way to pay homage to what’s near and dear to our hearts.


We’ve been secretly (ok maybe not so secretly) putting together a new coastal collection that has been offered here and there at a couple of lighthouses on the Island this summer. 


There will be 14 new variegated colours when we launch next month and all will be available in both worsted and fingering. Yay! Which means we are buried in swatching it all up right now. Another, but smaller, Yay! 


The new colourways are: Buoy, Tidal, Lighthouse, The Catch, Gale, Fire in the Blue, Thistle, Harbour, Moonlight, Goldenrod, Red Rose, Bramble, Wild Rose and, there’s an ‘Amber’ named after our shearer, Amber Petersen, with tones of amber sea glass.


Here's a sneak peek for your viewing pleasure, and stay tuned for an invite to our in-store launch party, and some other fun stuff surrounding the new collection!

PEI Fibre Trail


Natural Canadian yarn for fair isle


  • Yeah, all the new colours look amazing!!!

  • Wow!…enjoying your posts and really enjoyed the shop tour, hope to see you at this year’s lamb dinner. Wondering if you folks would like to design a presentation for our Association some time…looks like you would have lots of material. Plus, we are looking for a ‘livestock’ trailer (5 × 10) or (6 × 10) – presently searching cargo trailers to be modified. If you hear of anything please let me know. Keep up the large and small ‘yays.’

    Claude Gallant
  • Ooooh, the teals, the teals! I need to plan another island visit so I can come and get some while it’s still wet! :)

    Claire Moxon-Waltz

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