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I remember when I was a kid, not more than 9 or 10, I used to sneak my sister’s Cosmopolitan magazines and read them. One time (way back then in the 80’s) I came across a little article about a woman living in New York City who realized she wanted to move to the country when she brought home these bright green towels and hung them up in her bathroom. I have always remembered that little article (it’s been at least 30-nevermind years now) because it illustrated so strongly the power of color. I LOVE color. I cannot have a bad day when I am dying yarn. Sometimes the results are unexpected but a lot of times fortunate mistakes happen and that can be some of my favorite work from that day. When we were creating our colorways for our yarn it was REALLY hard for me to eliminate any, once they are born, I can see the value in every one and to then cast it aside is really, REALLY difficult!
Some days it is also difficult for me to stick to the schedule or our current orders because something grabs my imagination and I just want to go try it! I am inspired a lot by flowers and other elements of our rich Island landscape and country life. We are surrounded by nature here and there are infinite possibilities! Even grass changes multiple times over the course of the season and it marks the time of the year and brings with it a certain emotion.
Our goal with our yarn is to allow people to get inspiration from, (or be cheered by) our colorways so that they are an instant pick-me-up, like the green towels. It’s true for me when I create them, when I knit with them, and then later when I wear them. Our hope is that they are truly a gift that brightens your day and allows you to take a piece of the Island tranquility wherever you go.

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  • I love all your colours. It is so hard to pick just one


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