If you have been following us for a while, you may have noticed we sometimes use the hashtag "freedomtocare". For us, this is not just a catchy hashtag - something to capture attention. It is actually a promise that we made to ourselves and to the animals in our care. We live by this promise, we farm by this promise, and we deal with our friends, colleagues and our customers with this promise always top of mind.

But what does the "freedom to care" really mean?

Simple - we have set up our business so that we can allow ourselves the freedom to care. For us that means that we have retired ewes. That's right - retired. They hang out with the rest of the flock, they eat grass all day and sleep under the trees in dappled sun, and that's it! They are not required to produce lambs and Diva and Bambi don't even have great wool! But they have done their jobs and they deserve a good life in their sunset years.
Bambi natural Canadian yarn PEI Fibre Trail
Diva natural canadian yarn producer on the PEI Fibre Trail

Diva is a giant among ewes. Yes she is a huge Suffolk - about 250 pounds - but she faithfully gave us triplet lambs every year, was able to nurse those lambs herself - no bottle feeders, and in addition would gladly adopt any little lamb that needed a mom who cared. One year she was actually nursing or supplementing up to seven lambs!

We choose to partner with the farmers we admire and respect and do our utmost to showcase the hand crafted products of like minded small business people. We support local by purchasing as much as possible as close to our farm as possible.

We don't do things the easy way necessarily, but we do like to go to bed at night confident that we did all we can to support our community, our circle of friends and collaborators and most importantly those wooly, furry and feathered beings under our care!

We hope that this message speaks to you, our customers, and inspires you to make hand crafted items that add beauty to your world.

Meet our stars!


  • Rachel, thank you soo much for the lovely comments. We are very proud of how we look after our sheep, and it makes our hearts very full when others recognize it!

    Fleece & Harmony
  • Beautiful!

    Andrea Dowling
  • I can testify to the validity of your recent post. Your barn is a peaceful and idyllic place where there are no signs of discomfort or distress. I would happily live in your barn myself! Cats, sheep, ewes and the tiniest lambs have space, light, food and shelter. The wool they give you is processed, dyed and displayed beautifully but, speaking to the well being of your animals, it couldn’t be more wonderful.

    Rachel Wareham

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