The Meadow Collection - Our Inspiration

We are launching our new Spring/Summer colour collection on May 10th. As you've probably heard by now... you can attend this fun and exciting launch in person if you are local to our farm! If you are not near by, all of the yarns will launch online on the same day, so we hope you will check them out.

I want to talk a bit about the inspiration behind this collection, as these things always come from something internal... and we don't like to force it. In fact, until fairly recently, we weren't even sure we would do a new collection this season, since nothing had come to me yet!

THEN one morning, while thinking about some photographs I wanted to take around our farm... the word "Gloaming" popped into my head. I knew there was a famous painting with this word in it, so I looked it up. The painting is "In the Gloaming" by George Inness, and it was painted in 1893.

 In the Gloaming Painting Yarn


Our farm house was actually constructed about 30 years before that date and that got me thinking about our Scottish heritage, the heritage of Prince Edward Island and so on. At the time, a ton of other knitters and friends were attending the Edinburgh Yarn Festival (yes this all happened THAT recently) and so I began looking up photos of heather and heaths and my inspiration expanded from the beautiful light of the various times of day.... to the flowers that might grow in that light, and how they appear at different times. I was FULL of inspiration! We are very busy people, running a farm, a woolen mill, a yarn business, a store and various other side projects, so when we have time to exhale, we do it out on our property, usually at dusk. The sunsets over our fields and our woods can be pretty amazing and really bring home why we decided to move way out here in the country!

The very next day I headed to my dye studio to start selecting the 9 or 10 basic colours that would make up the collection. I knew I wanted all the colourways (8 in total) to work together, to effortlessly combine in gradient projects and to be both cheerful, and soothing. It was a challenge as the colours move from very orange and green, to very blue and I got a little nervous about half way through, but in the end, I was very happy with what I came up with, and I think as a result, the collection has something for everyone no matter what your colour personality.  On May 10th, we will introduce you to "Twilight", "Dawning", "First Light" and "Gloaming", as well as "Forget-Me-Nots", "Pansies", "Wildflowers" and "Buttercups".

We are very excited to bring you this collection and we hope you can relate to the beauty we are trying to represent with it. The beauty of the times of day, the natural world, our surroundings on the farm, and the truly spectacular Island that we call home.






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