What Has Us Spinning?

If you are reading this, you probably know that we have committed ourselves to using fibres from animals raised right here on our own farm or farms near by on the Island. The fibres we use to process our yarns – sheep, lamb and alpaca – are local, coming from no more than 150 km away from our own mill. We know the farmers, we have visited their farms and we have met their animals. We are happy to support family operations in rural Prince Edward Island.

We spin our yarns to give a worsted weight and in small batches of about 4 – 5 kg each. Each batch of yarn is then hand dyed with colours specially created in our mill by Jennifer. We gather the fibre from the farms ourselves. The sheep and lambs’ wool comes from many different breeds which means every batch may have slightly different characteristics, but we try our best to be as consistent as possible with the final yarn.

So… what does this mean for the yarn qualities? The lambs’ wool tends to have a lot of crimp and spring. This imparts a loftiness to the yarn that makes it beautifully squishy and cozy. It also means that there can be a slightly thick and thin look to the yarn, but we find this mostly evens out in the final fabric when knitted or crocheted. Our yarn gives fantastic stitch definition so textured stitches or cables really pop! The knitted fabric has a lot of body with very good structure. We dye in the skein so the colours have a lustre that accentuates the highlights in the yarn.

We are proud to craft a yarn that celebrates the qualities of natural, untreated fibres and supports local farms. This means our yarn and your hand crafted projects will be unique and we think, extra special!

PEI Fibre Trail featuring local made yarns and patterns.

Yuletide Scarf knit in Lot 57 - 'Take the Ferry'


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