Why you should listen to your husband.....sometimes....

You just never know where this business is going to take you I tell you....but when my husband recently got a job as a supervisor at a local lighthouse and told me I should make yarn for their gift shop...I pretty much gave him a flat out "no". Kind of thinking...."how on earth does yarn make sense for a lighthouse gift shop?!?" However, he kept at it, insisting he was a business genius, and eventually I thought "Who am I to argue?" (read: I got tired of hearing about it). So I agreed to do up "a couple of skeins" with some kind of coastal theme to them.

PEI Fibre Trail - the ultimate fiberista vacation!
Our new business development team...

Well the thing is, growing up in the Maritimes, pulling inspiration from the ocean and beaches and coastline is NO PROBLEM, as obviously it's all beautiful and full of lore, and salt water practically runs in our veins around here. So I set off, did one colour, then another, then another, then thought of another I wanted to do....and pretty soon I had five, and was writing to other local lighthouses and asking if they wanted some too! What fun!

As I was creating, he was putting them up on the shelves, and within an hour, he had sold SIX. Woah. Needed to make more. It's pretty much been going like that ever since, and I couldn't be more pleased! Even I was surprised how the colours in yarn can feel like true inspiration, especially when we are so proud of our Maritime heritage of hard working, brave and honest people making their living from the sea (if you have a Stan Rogers playlist, please hit play now...)

In any case, I'm really glad I listened to Steven in the end, and we are SUPER excited to announce that many of these special edition colours will be making their way into our shop and online once the tourist season comes to a close in October. So Fall collection, DONE (well maaaaay-beeee if i can actually stop there.)

Most of these colours can be viewed on our Instagram account already, but we'll also make an announcement when they become available.  Make sure you're on our mailing list.


A sneak peek...


Happy knitting to all, and let us know what inspires YOU in the comments below!

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  • I accidentally found your shop last month during our vacation. Everything is so lovely and the “down home” feel of your shop made me feel at home. I purchased a pattern, that I’m currently knitting, and wool for spinning.
    I hope to see you at the Spinners Retreat in Nova Scotia this Fall. Take care and keep up the great work!

    Andrea Armstrong

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