Worst Knitting Disaster EVER!

Brrrrr.....the weather is getting brisk here and our fall project switch has officially clicked on!! Same for you?

Planning out ALL the things I want to make this fall got me thinking about the scarf I made a scant two years ago....which....was....not....good. At all. Including a picture, ain't she a beauty? For some reason every time I purled I ended up with an extra stitch or an unintentional yarn over. Or something.

PEI Fiber Trail Natural Yarn ScarfPEI Fiber Trail

Anyway, we often hear in our shop "Oh, I tried knitting once and my Aunt told me to find another hobby." or "I can't knit that, I don't think I'm ready for that" or "Your yarn is too nice for me, I will just waste it".

Well, I am here to tell you that is all hogwash, as evidenced by my first project! WHICH by the way, although not going to win any prizes for looks, still works! It still keeps my neck warm, and doesn't even look too bad!

Canadian Yarn and the PEI Fibre Trail

My next project was a pair of socks that turned out really lovely! (The pattern I used is available free here on our website). So it's just a matter of practice, and when all else fails, there's no "ruining" yarn, you just frog it (rrrrrrippppp-it) or tink it, or whatever term you prefer. EVERYONE rips out and starts over occasionally. Seriously. The yarn can take it.

So, in the spirit of encouraging others in this wonderful, simultaneously frustrating and fun hobby....please tell us about your WORST knitting or crocheting disaster, and if you dare....post it on Instagram and tag us with #FHknittingdisaster. We want to see them all (assuming you haven't burned them, dig them out!).

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