Coil Runa Circle Rosewood Butterfly Ring Closure - Brown Ring Closure - Black Bees JUL Designs

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Handmade Fair Trade in Indonesia. White Brass and/or Rosewood. Scroll for details of each design. 


Ring 1.25" inside diameter

Stick 4.5" in length

The Coil Shawl Pin is elegant and sleek, with a timeless design that is at once ancient and contemporary.  The ripples in the stick ensure it will hold onto the knitwear, diminishing the possibility that it will get lost as well as allowing it to nest comfortably in the ring of the Coil Shawl Stick it was designed to accompany.  


Inside diameter: 1.5 inches

Outside diameter: 2.25 inches

Stick length: 3.25 inches

This beautiful penannular brooch was designed for knitwear as an alternative to two-piece shawl pins.  Runa is inspired by Norse designs that make liberal use of spiral motifs.  In addition, we love the shape of Norse helmets and used aspects of their form to create the stick portion of this pin.


Stick length: 4 inches

Ring inside diameter: 1.375 inches

Ring outside diameter: 1.75 inches

Weight: .5 ounces/10 grams

The Mid-Century Modern Circle is a metal renderings of hand-drawn shape, representing the beauty and dynamism of imperfection and visualizing the handmade-ness of JUL knitwear jewelry.  This artisanal shape, that evokes the sleek lines of mid-century modern interior design, beautifully complements the elegant forms of contemporary shawls and garments of all kinds.  All of the Modern Shapes highlight simplicity and offer a range of flexible and crisp statements that do not compete with complex stitch patterns and colorwork.



2 inches exterior diameter

1.25 inches interior diameter


4.25 inches long

This classic shawl pin shape in the refined grain and rich color of farmed rosewood is an excellent complement to virtually all fiber types, textures, and colors. The quintessence of neutral and elegance. 


Brass & White Brass

Total width: 2 inches

Height (excluding stick): 2 inches

Stick length (including bee ornament): 3 inches

Total weight: .6 ounces

This gorgeous penannular brooch combines three of our filigree honeybees, evoking the ways honeybees cluster socially in their hives. It's a way of celebrating the fundamental role pollinators play in the healthy maintenance of plant life on our planet and in our food supply.

The ancient one-piece design of the Filigree Honeybee Penannular Brooch makes it an elegant and secure shawl and garment closure.


Farmed Rosewood & White Brass

Ring interior diameter - 1.5 inches

Ring exterior diameter - 2.25 inches

Weight - .9 ounces

This lovely brooch, which combines rosewood with beautiful filigree metal ornaments, is inspired by the Muse Calliope, who is associated with rhetoric and writing.