Yarn Buddy

Yarn Buddy

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 Materials: lazy susan, birch, maple

Whether you call it a Yarn Ball Holder or a Yarn Buddy, this is a great way to keep your yarn under control while knitting! Basically a lazy susan for your yarn - it works great for keeping light, even tension -even better than a yarn bowl. Fits some commercial yarn balls without rewinding and also takes balls/cakes off of a standard ball winder (does work better with wound balls or cakes)

Comes with a matching wooden disk that sits on top of your yarn ball to keep it more evenly tensioned - the disk prevents the yarn from riding over the top of the ball and getting caught up, especially if you place it on the floor. Also, the smooth lazy susan bearings are recessed into the bottom so that the gap between the top and bottom is minimal. This also helps prevents your yarn from getting caught!

Approx. 5¼ inches wide and 7½ inches tall. Yarn not included.
These are handmade items and no two are exactly alike.

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