Flatrock Colour Kit in Fleece and Harmony Eldon Lace Flatrock Colour Kit Flatrock Colour Kit

Flatrock Colour Kit

Yarn Only - See Description Below

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Colourwork Yarn Only - Pattern and Main Colour Available Separately

100 OR 200 yards each of our 2-ply ELDON Lace in:

Pearl, November Sky, Amethyst Brooch, Mayflower, Autumn Birch, Lichen, Plover, and Vineyard. A total of 800 OR 1600 yards, depending on the size you choose for the size you are knitting. Please do allow for a little extra, as always when knitting. 

The yarn is a blend of 70% wool and 30% mohair. Gently processed, and hand dyed using Greener Shades organic acid dyes.

Please contact us, or Jennifer Beale if you are uncertain what to order for your test knit.

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