Evening Walk Shawl Pattern Evening Walk Shawl Pattern

Evening Walk Shawl Pattern

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This shawl is cozy, but sophisticated, warm but light. It’s the perfect summer evening shawl for here on Prince Edward Island where “dinner out” can take you anywhere from out by the barbecue in the sunshine, to a walk along the beach at sunset..

It’s generously sized and a very quick knit. It’s a triangular shawl formed using very simple yarn overs and is a great introduction into the pow- er of ruffles! It also features an amazing 100% merino novelty yarn that adds a lot of finesse.

8mm/US 11 circular needles with a 40-60 inch cable.

MC color; 2 skeins
CC1 color (plain ruffle); 1 skein

CC2 color (pompom ruffle) Katia Artesana Evita; 1 skein