Take the Ferry
Take the Ferry

Take the Ferry

The ferry is THE way to get to the Island. Watch the shoreline approach with anticipation, and then disembark to another pace of life.

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In 1798, Prince Edward Island was named after Queen Victoria's father. Great Britain devised a lottery for 64 of 67 lots being granted. Many Islanders can trace their lineage back to the original lot granted to their ancestors.

Lot 57 is where we built Fleece & Harmony. It's where our ancestors landed in Canada, in short, it's our home, and it's the inspiration for the colours in this limited edition collection. Knit yourself a piece of the Island.

  • Knitting Needles: Worsted: 4.5-5mm Fingering: 3.75-4mm
  • Weight: Worsted: 100 grams Fingering: 170 grams
  • Crochet Needles: Worsted: 5.5-6mm Fingering: 4.5-5.5mm
  • Length: Worsted: 150 yards Fingering: 380 yards
  • Wraps Per Inch: Worsted: 10 Fingering: 14

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