Janet Ogilvie

Alpaca Producer

Janet Ogilvie

I never, ever imagined that one day I’d be farming alpaca ….. in rural PEI.  But I am.  And, I love it!

Growing up in the hustle and bustle of southwestern Ontario I lived a busy, scattered and somewhat superficial life.  Life was all about the next car, the next vacation and if it was the weekend, the next pair of black shoes.  Because really, can you ever really have too many?

Farming and country living were the farthest things from my mind.  And Prince Edward Island?  Well, wasn’t that an quaint, far-away place in a book I once read as a young girl?

But sometimes priorities change and we are forced to look at the world and ourselves a different way.

In 2010 following a family tragedy, I left corporate and city life behind and moved to the tiny, rural community of Birch Hill, Prince Edward Island with the intended purpose of becoming an alpaca farmer.  I didn’t know a soul on the Island and had never experienced country living. 

PEI Fibre Trail Fleece & Harmony

Like many “Islanders-by-Choice”, I was lured by the Island’s promise of serene pastoral vistas, clear skies and starry nights, and that good ‘ole down-home hospitality. What began as desire to live a simpler and more honest life, turned into a deep love and respect for this Island, its beauty and culture, and its people.  Farming and Island living is not always easy or clean or even fun; but it is honest. Our life is simpler.  And, it is far more rewarding than I ever imagined.

Alpaca farming and in PEI seems a natural fit. Working among the herd, their hum has a calming influence. I love everything about alpacas and everything about their fibre.  Our herd size averages between 30-40 animals at any given time and I breed and sell stock as well as fibre products.  Our agritourism business is recognized as a “must see” activity when visiting West Prince County.  Our goal is to produce the finest in Island alpaca whether your shop, tour or farm.

We are proud and honoured to partner with Jennifer and Kim at Fleece & Harmony as the exclusive provider of alpaca for their custom blended yarn.  We think Prince Edward Island is uniquely positioned to become a fibre and fibre artisan’s mecca.  The opening of Fleece & Harmony brings us one step closer to realizing that potential.  Have you planned your visit yet? See the PEI Fibre Trail page for complete details on the leading fibre destinations on Prince Edward Island.