Fleece & Harmony Blanket 2024

Join us for a year long mystery make-along and create a warm and cozy Prince Edward Island themed blanket made from Selkirk Worsted. Two blocks will be released each month during the 2024 year. In order to complete the 2 blocks, you need one skein of each of the 2 colours. The colour combinations will be repeated once to complete the blanket. This means that you will use two skeins of each colour by the time you complete the blanket.

You will need two (2) skeins of each colour to complete all of the 24 blocks that make up the blanket. The colours used by month are listed below.


The colour combinations will be:

January/ July - November Sky and A Night Without Stars

February/ August - Mulberry Jam and Lilac

March/ September - Sumac and Dune Grass

April/ October- Purple Cone Flower and Crocus

May/November - Sand and Chestnut

June/ December - Slate and Pearl